Why is Guest Posting Important in 2018?

If you’re not sure why guest posting can be a good idea for your business, we’ve got all the answers here!

First of all, we’d say that a better question would be to figure out what you’d be losing out on, without contributing guest blog posts. And, the very first thing that would come to your mind is branding, exposure at new places, and strong contextual backlinks.

Well, you’ve possibly answered your own question here. The primary benefits of guest posting include:

– Branding Help
– Exposure to thousands of blog readers of popular blogs
– Referral traffic
– Strong backlinks that can boost SERPs
– High conversion rates because you get targeted traffic
– Zero possibility of a Penguin penalty because links are obtained from credible and relevant sources.

But, the biggest problem today is that majority of the guest posting service providers are actually making use of private blog networks, and such links can be nothing short of poison to your link profile. As a matter of fact, the mere purpose of guest blogging is defeated in such cases!

So, the basic question should actually change to “how guest posting” should really be done, instead of “why guest posting” can be a good idea!

You can either choose to take the matter in your own hands, and look for authoritative blogs in your website’ niche, contact the webmasters, and then create some high quality posts, and get them approved on those blogs, or choose to focus on your core business activities, and let the proficient team on iGuestPost.com handle this process.

So, if you’re interested to guest posting on authoritative blogs, then just sign up and choose a from a list of publishers. Watch the outreach of your website grow like never before!


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