Top 10 SEO Blogs to Follow

It is always a good thing to have reliable references and guides when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO blogs that offer the latest tips about the latest changes in search engines’ algorithms are great time savers. There are many of them that you can access online for free.

Below is a list of the top 10 SEO blogs to follow, in no particular order. Keep an eye on them as they typically give constant updates and free coaching.

1. SEO Moz

SEO Moz is probably the most-visited search engine optimization blog. It has hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and has a large number of online followers. They offer SEO tips both for novice and experts who want to enhance their knowledge when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO Moz provides case studies and nifty tools which are practically helpful in optimizing your website.


2. Search Engine Journal 

This website provides search engine optimization and marketing tutorials. The blog was launched in 2003 and was founded by Loren Baker.


3. Search Engine Land 

Search Engine Land offers news about the most recent search engine optimization tactics and search engine marketing techniques. In this blog you will find useful articles that explain how search engine works and how you can increase your visibility on the web.


4. Search Engine Watch

This website provides newsletters, articles and reviews about search engine optimization. Search Engine Watch also has a community forum where you can find people discussing about search engine marketing and optimization.


5. SEO by the Sea

SEO by the Sea is run by Bill Slawski. The website provides information about search engine patents, web page ranking and other broad information about search engine optimization using ethical methods.

6. Google Webmaster Central Blog

Handled by the folks at Google, this blog offers promising advise and tools for search engine optimization. Here is where you can find technical step by step suggestions on how to optimize your website and it also offers the latest news about changes on Google’s algorithms.


7. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an SEO whizz kid who offers articles that talk about the latest trends in search engine optimization and the most effective techniques available.


8. SEO Book

The blog was founded by Aaron Wall and offers tutorials and SEO tools. It also has a private member’s forum. SEO book also has a training program which is now loved by many search engine optimization professionals.


9. Search Engine People

Owned by an experienced internet marketing firm. Here is where you can find the latest updates on search engine marketing and optimization offered by professional search engine marketers.


10. Search Engine Guide

Search Engine Guide teaches you how to become viral on the web. Guides and tutorials offered by Search Engine Guides are free. This blog specifically focuses on teaching small businesses how SEO works. If you are a novice Internet marketer, then, Search Engine People is a blog that you must not forget to bookmark.

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