What is SEO Article Writing?

As much as backlinking and off-site SEO plays a huge and important part of search engine optimization, unless you get your SEO article writing correctly, all that backlinking will be done for nothing. As it is possible to write extremely high quality content, that your readers will love, that still won’t do well in the search engines, simply because it hasn’t been properly optimized.


Use of Keywords

If you are writing an article on your website, then you should really target two or three keywords, this will mean that your content gets targeted traffic and hopefully traffic that is relevant to the content as well.

If you are writing about a very specific thing, then make sure your title reflects that, if you use a generic title, your article will be lost in the search engines amongst all the other meaningless titles.

To make sure you optimize the article for keywords, put the main keyword you’re trying to rank for in the article’s title and in any headers you use. Other things like putting the keywords in the first and last sentences of your content will make it rank better in the search engines as well.

Make sure the URL includes your keyword as well, when you write an article on your website’s sub-page, make sure it looks like this domain.com/keyword and not like this domain.com/123421. This will not only make it rank higher in the search engines, but people prefer to visit URLs with words in them, rather than numbers.


Content Length

Since the Google Panda update, the length of content has been under serious scrutiny and it has seen websites that post a lot of short articles being punished by Google, while websites with lots of long pieces of content have been rewarded with better rankings.

The logic behind it is that the longer the content, the more value the reader will be able to get from it and therefore it is better than a short article which is assumed to have less value. To avoid being punished by Google or other search engines, you should make sure your content is at least 400 words.


Link Bait

Your SEO article writing shouldn’t only be about on-page optimization. If you want an article to do really well in the search engines, it will need to attract links as well to climb the rankings. Link bait is simply when you create content that a lot of people will link to, the easiest way to create link bait is to write top 10 articles or even top 100 articles.

The best way to turn normal content into link bait is to make them extremely interesting, funny or controversial. Link bait and viral content goes hand in hand, the more popular something is then the more links it will get.

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