Guest Post Guidelines

Here is how to create a guest post on

Registering An Account
Registration is not required, you can just use the submit an article feature linked on the navigation bar. The difference is those who are registered will have an author bio box (an additional link) and they can edit their own posts. Registered authors will also be able to use the wordpress WYSIWYG editor, while Guest Posters only get the simple editor with no tagging support.

You are allowed to create multiple accounts per pen name.

Grammar and Spelling
The required language for Go Guest Post is English. If you do not speak English as your main language, or have poor grammar and spelling, have your article proofread by someone who speaks English. We don’t require you to have a perfect grasp of the English language, just that you make sure your submissions are understandable, and helpful to the readers. We moderate all posts received.

Article Quality and Format
Your article should be 100% unique. We run your posts through copyscape.
Your article should have a minimum of 300 words.
You may not post more than 1 link per 150 words.
You may only have 1 link in your author bio, if you choose to add one.
You can have as much internal links to your other articles as you want.
You must pick the most suitable category for your article. Multiple categories is not allowed.
A maximum of four tags should be used.

Your article should provide actual HELPFUL information, and not just a sales pitch linking to your product site. Those types of articles will be trashed.
Never use your affiliate links or masked affiliate links.
Never use “spinners” or automated content generators.
Never submit content related to hate, pornography, violence, drugs, gambling, hacking, weapon creation using over-the-counter chemicals, or any type of article that supports terrorism.

How We Moderate Your Submissions
If you obviously did not read the article guidelines, we trash your article immediately.
We check your post using Copyscape. If it’s not unique, we will not post it.
Editors will read post submissions and either edit them if there needs to be some minor changing, send it back if it needs major changing, or trash it if the quality is too low.
We check your outbound links. If you are linking to any malicious site or use any link maskers (tiny url/ we will not post your article.

You are allowed to monetize your posts using Amazon, CJ, Clickbank, or any other type of affiliate network. Adsense Revenue sharing is currently off (as of May 2011).

When using affiliates to monetize your posts, do not use link maskers. Any form of redirection service will be deleted (to protect from linking to spam sites or viruses). It’s also good practice to add rel=”nofollow” to your links pointing to affiliate sites, especially Amazon.

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