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Pencil Boxes

Custom pencil boxes are the smart way to pack, protect, and present your school accessories magnificently. Custom pencil packaging provides immense magnetism to buyers’ eyes with its appealing and gleaming appearance. A pencil is the most important stationary product that we use for writing and drawing purposes. You can transfer your creative ideas and inner thoughts onto plain pages by using colored pencils.

Every brand tries its best to manufacture school accessories of top-notch quality to target students by presenting pencils in captivating and eye-grabbing packaging. If you want to skyrocket your business, choose custom Pencil Packaging Boxes to boost sales in the targeted time. These boxes are tailored with an alluring design, catchy printing, and vibrant embellishments that act like walking billboards to advertise your brand. In this way, your brand fame would touch the sky-height and students would become a die-hard fan of your brand. And your business will grow like never before.

Let us explore how custom accessories boxes impress buyers’ eyes with enchanting looks and result in impulse buying.

Sturdy Custom Pencil Boxes – Ensure Pencil’s Safety

In every field of life, safety is superior to others’ attributes. If you will save more then you will earn more. Hence, sturdy packaging is required for pencil accessories to ensure 100% safety up to customers’ doorstep. You can use a robust stock of Rigid, Kraft, and Cardboard to manufacture high-barrier custom pencil packaging. These boxes protect pencils from scattering and breakage. These boxes will hypnotize customers’ eyes during unboxing due to maintaining the original grace and quality of the pencils. You can use corrugated material to manufacture shipping boxes that guarantee the safe transfer of pencils for long-distance traveling.

Secondly, these boxes are inexpensive, eco-friendly, and offer unlimited customization options. that will make your packaging unique and attractive among the crowd.

Choose Innovative And Eye-Grabbing Packaging Design

People had used packaging for safety purposes in ancient times. But now 70% of the objective of packaging is to entice buyers’ eyes for impulse buying. You can set your brand apart from the dust of competition by choosing an alluring design according to market trends. Every brand wants to inspire buyers with new innovative designs and mesmerizing shapes that will speak aloud in the market. Rectangular and cuboidal shapes are the most famous and offer marvelous printing and plentiful customization options. Custom pencil boxes provide a charismatic appearance to your pencils that is no less than a gift for customers from your brand.

You can use die-cut windows and cut-outs that provide a 3D visual display of pencils, and other accessories resulting in impulse buying.

Create a Brand Identity to Solidify Your Brand Dignity

Custom pencil boxes with trendy designs with die-cut windows, attractive shapes, and vivid printing with branded color schemes give an enchanting look; that proudly relates your customers to your brand and makes permanent buyers for your brand.

Printing is the main step in customization that gives the final discriminative look to your packaging boxes and turns your blank boxes into brand representatives. You have to order these boxes from a reputed packaging company that uses CMYK and RGB color schemes which give the chichi discriminative appearance to your pencils.

Your printed pencil boxes from well-reputed graphic designers work as brand ambassadors to crawl into buyers’ minds and hearts easily. You can print animated movie stars, favorite cartoon characters, game heroes, and animated stickers that attract children in a split second.

You can print brand logos and specific characters with branded color schemes that give brand identity. The captivating appearance of boxes with flawless 3D printing entices buyers to stick with your brand and recommend others too.

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Give Vibrant Embellishment to Custom Pencil Boxes  Inspire Onlookers

If you want to give a beaming and glamorizing appearance to printed custom pencil packaging boxes then use a striking finish. There is a plethora of finishing options like,

  • Gloss/Matte Coating.
  • Gold/Silver coating to logos or specific characters.
  • Embossing/Debossing.
  • Spot UV coating.
  • Holographic coating.
  • Aqueous lamination.

Some of these finishes provide tear-resistant and water-resistant capabilities. Others protect packaging surfaces from smudges and getting scratches.  When you emboss your logos with gold or silver coating, will make your boxes distinguishable from competitors.


Custom pencil boxes not only protect pencils and stationary Accessories but also present with branded luxurious touch with immense magnetism for buyers. I recommend you to buy these custom pencil packaging wholesale from Custom Design Boxes at the lowest cost. you can get these boxes with many benefits according to your requirements. you will get all the benefits with free shipping and free design assistance. Whatever your box styles, designs, printing techniques, and finishes. You can make your brand the apple of customers’ eyes with premium custom pencil packaging and can grow your business like never before your think.

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