Benefits Of Guest Posts On Your Blog

As Google’s algorithm gets better and better, it’s starting to rank your sites based on the quality of your content. If you think about it, the ONE thing that google cannot devalue or touch in any way is quality content.

They can make all the backlinks you’ve gained worth nothing in the next algorithm change, but they can’t and will never be able to strip away a site’s value based on content. If they start doing that, they stop being the top search engine on earth.

Point is, you should start focusing more on quality content, and less on links, because Google is heading that way. Better content, better rankings! How will they achieve this, no one knows, but all signs point to quality content > mass links.

So as a website or blog owner, the main role you should play is content publisher, and the best way of getting free quality content is allowing guest posts on your blog. By allowing quality guest posts, you are going to receive a ton of content, which you will need to sift through to get to the quality ones.

But it’s worth it, it’s like paying writers (niche specific writers!) to give you expert articles. Instead of paying cash (good quality articles can go up to as high as $30+) you are just paying them with links! They get the exposure, you get the quality content.

The free content generation that will happen on your blogs will be more sustainable than hiring a couple of quality writers (those that actually demand real money and are native English speakers) and paying them per post.

The benefits of having guest posters on your website

You get more traffic

More and more people are getting tech savvy, and are not satisfied with the usual search results so they usually end up finding sites through their long tails. Which are easily rankable if you have long quality posts with lots of different variations of keywords.

You discover keywords

Another benefit of having content written by someone else, you may discover keywords from their posts because of how they worded their articles. Discover new keywords, then write about those on a separate post for even more traffic.

Additional Content To Monetize

When allowing guest posts, the usual agreement between guest poster and blog owner is they get links from your site in exchange for giving you a quality article. That means once they’ve posted their article, you can freely monetize it. Either add Adsense, or if you write about specific products and only ask product review posts, you can find something on Clickbank, CJ or even Amazon.

Both you and your guest posters advertise the site

Everyone knows the link juice passed to your site is based off of the PR of the page you have a link on. Anyone who has experience building links will most likely promote the pages that link to them, either by submitting them to bookmarkers, or getting links for those pages from other sources, such as hubpages or squidoo.

So you’re not only getting content from your guest posters, they’ll also most likely build links to the pages they’ve submitted to you. After all, submitting a guest post is useless if the page it’s on is n