5 Social Media Tips For Newbies

In this day and age, it’s imperative that businesses have a social media presence. Social media interaction may be of greater importance in some industries than in others. However, all businesses need an agile platform for communicating with their customers. Social media can be this platform, but companies need to be careful with social media management. Common blunders can cause social media to do a business more harm than good. Here are some of the top social media missteps to avoid.

5 Social Media Tips For Newbies


1. Neglect of Password Security

We live in an age where hackers can do damage by accessing both our bank accounts and our social media accounts. Be sure to keep passwords secret and difficult to figure out. Make sure that only the minimum necessary number of people know them.

2. Unfamiliarity with Platforms

The tech space in general has its own set of vocabulary and lingo. Expressing thoughts on social media follows different rules than in the real world. While it’s important to keep professionalism at the fore, it’s also important to conform to the platform in order to get heard and be respected. Keep tweets on message, and keep Facebook posts informative.

3. Hiring the Wrong Social Media Director

Social media platforms can be a great way to engage customers, but they can also be a great way to alienate customers. Any number of topics may become inflammatory with consumers. For the most part, politics and personal anecdotes should be left out of social media posts. Because most business owners don’t have the time to update social media frequently, it’s very important that the person they appoint to these duties is both well-versed on the company’s message and highly responsible.

4. Firing a Social Media Director

If a business is trying to grow their brand online, hiring a qualified social media director is very important. However, if it comes time to fire them, it’s highly important that they no longer have the passwords to social media accounts. With just a few tweets or posts on the official company account, disgruntled or recently-fired employees can wreak serious havoc on a business’s brand image.

5. Confusing “Reply All” with Personal Messaging

This is a problem which has been around for as long as e-mail has existed. By hitting “reply all” instead of selecting a specific contact, it’s possible to send a personal message to everyone in a business’s address book. This can happen with devastating effect. A classic Twitter example involves Congressman Anthony Wiener, who publicly posted a revealing picture on twitter when he had meant to send it to one follower. There are many other examples of this type of mortifying behavior, so it’s important for businesses to make sure that they aren’t the next punch-line.

Perhaps the biggest social media blunder of all is to underestimate the power of a social platform as a tool used in furthering brand awareness. Some business owners see social media and think of it is a waste of time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth – when used correctly, social media is an incredibly powerful and inexpensive way to further brand awareness and draw in clients.

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