3 Ways Law Firms Can Use Social Media

Move over, strangely memorable daytime television commercials for law firms. There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to legal marketing, and it may not be the one you’ve expected. Some people seem to think that social media is a trend for teenagers, but in truth, 86% of adults use some form of social media on a daily basis.

If you dismiss the use of social media marketing for lawyers as a means of marketing and communication with your current and prospective clients, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity – a whole new way to target your audience and brand your firm.

And, yes, branding your firm online is important. Most people look for an attorney online during the hiring process. Think about what you look for when you search for a product or service online. Is it a website that looks polished and professional? Is it a web presence from the company that shows they’re up-to-date? Is it information on the industry? Probably some combination of the three. If you’re not using social media to market your firm, here are three ways you’re missing out.


Streamline Client Relationships with Facebook

If a customer can’t easily get in touch with you, that’s bad customer service. It’s not uncommon for a potential client to DM (direct message) a law firm if they aren’t answering their calls or e-mails. Keeping an active Facebook page is an easy way to show that you DO get back to everyone who messages you or writes on your wall. It’s also a great spot to let clients know if you’ll be out of the office for the weekend or something of that nature.

Finally, it’s a place to spark discussion. Web users love user-created content, so if someone asks a question on your wall, it won’t be uncommon for other users to respond to it, making your page all the more active.


Spread Blog Posts with Twitter

As a lawyer, you should be keeping at least a semi-active blog to let people know what sorts of things you’re working on, what’s happening in your legal field, or general insights into your area of expertise. If not, you should be keeping track of all your press. These things spread like wildfire on the internet — if you know where to share them, that is.

Twitter is a great place to post the links to pages that you want to have shared. By using hashtags, web users can find content that’s relevant to a certain topic. All you have to do is create an engaging title, use a general but relevant hashtag, and post the link to your blog post in a tweet — Twitter will do the rest of the work.


Participate in Group Discussions on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile is a social media asset every professional should have, as it gives clients, coworkers and employers the ability to endorse you for certain skills. Potential clients will reference it to ensure that other clients have been happy and that you’ve got plenty of experience in what you’re doing. However, there’s another huge benefit to LinkedIn that makes it the perfect form of social media marketing for lawyers – its discussions.

There are plenty of niche groups that you can contribute to by sharing web content or general ideas. This shows that you’re knowledgeable and up-to-date in your field, while also helping you learn from others in your area of practice and find out what clients are looking for.

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